Strange Magic VI: Happy Kater

photo: Eylül Aslan

The next story from our Strange Magic series is probably the most sexual one. And sure, a lot of Berlin’s magic has to do with the sexual intrepidness and insatiable appetite of the inhabitants. Did we call Berlin a slut? Several times! But did we ever tell you how the slutty daily live of the Berliners look like? Not so much for now. Thankfully the story Happy Kater submitted by blogger and author Kevin Junk introduces innocent souls like us to the dark waters of the gay piranha pool that is Möbel Olfe on a Thursday night and the morning after. To read his story, you have to continue in German.

Kevin Junk (1989) studied Japanese Literature in Trier, Berlin and Kyoto. He writes as a freelancer about pop and subculture in fact and fiction. More on his blog wolf auf tausend plateaus . He is co-publisher of ÜBERGANG Magazine for polysexual literature and culture. Check out his queer techno novel project  Vom frommen Tanz der Wölfe .

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