December Fun with the KreuzbergKalender – Win Tickets!

December is always packed. But before everyone heads home and Berlin feels like completely emptied out everyone wants to do something nice with their friends. Each year the KreuzbergKalender offers small events that provide the perfect opportunity for lasting memories and the team has great things planned for the upcoming weeks…

The Advent season will be greeted with a fabulous Opening Party this upcoming Saturday (November 30th).  Crowds will dance into the first advent and the first of December and the last KreuzbergKalender for your home (4 Advent presents from local manufacturers for each Sunday in December) will be raffled off.

The DJs Engtanzkavalier, Ikumi and Auschbinder will provide the perfect sound for your superfancy dancemoves. Head to the facebook event here.

For December 8th Jasper Grote of the innovation agency Dark Horse has rethought 90s gameshows. At the UNICORN Games teams will enliven the old classics again. All information is provided here.

Because the best parties, most interesting conversations and greatest ideas usually come about in the kitchen, a night among hot pots and great drinks is of course mandatory. On December 14th the KreuzbergKalender invites you to cook and eat Streetfood with them at Mulax. More information here.

Singing makes people happy and if many raise their voices together one wrong sound won’t ruin anything. Therefore the KreuzbergKalender invited head of the Berlin Pop Choir Lyndsey Cockwell to teach and sing with the Crowds. The Pophymns and Christmasshit will sound through the Frühperle on December 20th. More information here.

The KreuzbergKalender is an Adventproject from and for the neighbourhood. Parts of the earnings will be donated to the Kältehilfe Berlin. Find the project on facebook and visit their website.

You want to join the KreuzbergKalenderCrowd? Tell us which event you want to go to! We are giving away 1×2 Tickets! Just leave a comment

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