Save your Love – A Theater Piece about Relationship Problems in Berlin

photo: Dan Hirsch

We all know that living together in a 35 square meter studio apartment in Berlin did not bring eternal love and happiness to the young couples of the city. And still I see more and more people moving together in tiny apartmens, losing their privacy in the name of love and money. But what does all this saving money bring you in the end if you will wreck your relationship. Maybe love just can’t be a bargain.

The economy of love and relationships in Berlin is also the topic of the upcoming piece Save Your Love by Israeli director Ariel Nil Levy and performers Hila Golan, Niva Dloomy at Theaterdiscounter. A basic berlin relationship will unfold in front of your eyes with all the problems love can have of living in a big city in a small apartment. The piece is suited for an English-speaking audience. Furthermore during all of December there will be performances around the topic of love at this little theater which now is fighting for its existence, since the state will not support it in the future. Let’s hope for the best and let’s get some love there this month. The dates and the address after the jump.

Save your love – Part 1

by and with Ariel Nil Levy, Hila Golan, Niva Dloomy and Gal Naor

December 4 (sold out), 5 and 6, 2013,  20h


Klosterstr. 44

10179 Berlin

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