I always wanted to have a Berlin map in my house. Not really for practical reasons, more for symbolic ones, because my work and my life is so closely connected to this city. But I kinda didn’t want to have the regular BVG one which you can buy, or any other regular map, because they simply didn’t look decorative enough and made the city look like any other place.

Finally someone made my wish come true for a unique and great looking Berlin map: Evermade released a Berlin map that is hand-drawn by artist Jenni Sparks. For the collaboration she came here browsing the city and making tiny drawings from all the iconic places in town. It really looks amazing and is a fun way to discover the city on paper. There are also hand-drawn maps from London and New York from her. And apart from the maps by Jenni Sparks the online shop of Evermade also offers other amazing art prints such as the famous Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal. Have a look at some details of the Berlin map after the jump.

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on December 20th, 2013
in Art