Two Thousand Thirteen

I’m actually not really the type who would reminisce about the past. But when I look back at the year 2013 I have to admit that this year was in many ways special for me. Special because of the things I did and that happened around me, but also because of some personal realizations about myself and my life that ultimately make me a very happy guy. As you guys are somehow part of this life I would like to share these special moments along with some highlights of the blog in 2013…

January 2013

Berlin, I love you, but…

Ode to Berlin

Febuary 2013

Berlin Film Night Encore & Party

In 2012 I turned 30 and at the time I was absolutely not happy about that and I sort of escaped to Argentina to avoid having to do a party. While turning 30 in fact was not the happiest moment in my life I must confess I sort of warmed up to the 3 as the first digit of my age after a while and later on regretted not having properly celebrated that occasion. So I decided to make a big party for my 31st birthday in Febuary 2013 and celebrate my 30th as well. It was actually my first real birthday party in over 10 years and I was really happy that I did it as the party.

Berlin Film Night Encore & Party

The party coincided with our I heart Berlin/ale special which was the extended encore screening of our Berlin Film Night with Mobile Kino and took place at the amazing Urban Spree gallery. Even though the Revaler Str. area in Friedrichshain is not my favorite area in town I still love this space as it’s sort of the aftermath of the beloved HBC at Karl-Liebknecht-Str. in Mitte that closed a while ago. Working with the guys from this gallery and also with the team of Mobile Kino was a great pleasure and made the event very enjoyable for me. More impressions here.

Berlin Film Night Encore & Party

More highlights of Febuary 2013 on the blog:

The Men of Sugar at Berghain Joseph Marr Exhibition Berghain

March 2013

I HEART BERLIN x Front Row Society

The Return of Blitz Return of Blitz

Geilo A Trip to Geilo in Norway

The Berlin Experts: Finding Berlin

After Hours – Animals take over Berghain

April 2013


After skipping the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2013 my fashion project Designer Scouts returned in April together with our long-term partner SKYY VODKA. After sponsoring our shows and letting us host their big SKYY VODKA SWAP MARKET since 2010 it was a new step for our collaboration to organize a fashion presentation with 4 young labels. It was a great opportunity for us to finally make an event at the beautiful Münzsalon that was surely one of the reasons why the presentations came out amazing. More impressions here.


More blog highlights in April 2013:

Travelling with Louis Vuitton Travel with LV

MSC Preziosa Welcome to the Love Boat

Dancing in Sao Paulo

Mai 2013

First of May in Instagrams

The Beard Monologues by Alicia Kassebohm The Beard Monologues - Frank

Volta Restaurant Volta

June 2013

New Leggings Collection with Front Row Society Out Now!

In June of 2013 Berlin-based label Front Row Society released my second commissioned collection for them. After the first collection from the year before was in the form of 7 oversized modal scarves, this year it was a series of colorful crazy leggings. It was super fun to transform my favorite party photos into kaleidoscopic designs for your legs. Check out the lookbook here.

Gemischtes Doppel GIF

In June we also made our first venture into the world of theatre. We collaborated with one of the most renowned independant theatres of Berlin: The Sophiensaele. For their contemporary dance festival Gemischtes Doppel Devid created a series of animated GIFs with some of the performers from the plays that came out super fun. The GIFs were displayed in an installation with old TV sets during the festival. Have a look at some of them here.

More highlights in June 2013:

The Berliner: Frank for Pull&Bear

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