Fashion Week in the Living Room

It’s Fashion Week in Berlin! Some will be out and about the entire week. Others will wish they could be out all week, but have no invitations. And another group will pray it’s over quickly so all the visitors will leave again to their fashion capitals around the globe. So what can film freaks do to stick with their true love film without missing out on the fashion hustle and bustle? Watch films on fashion: Obviously. There are great documentaries that take us backstage and show us the entire fashion circus as if we were part of it. And those of you who just think it’s too cold to party hop, you may of course get your fashion dosage from these films as well.

Here are some recommendations which films you should bring to the private fashion week your living room.

Valentino: The last Emperor

This 2008 documentary explores the mind and work of Valentino, as he is about to retire. An entertaining film foremost about love, business, passion  and of course fashion.

The September Issue

The documentary follows the production of the September issue of the American Vogue, which is the most important publication on fashion all year. Anna Wintour, editor in chief and the most influential woman in fashion, has probably never been captured as closely as in this film. There’s editorial shoots, runway shows, meeting with the designers. But beware you will want to run to the tent at Brandenburger Tor after, it really is such a super exciting watch.

The Devil wears Prada

Based on the stories about Anna Wintour this fictional film is actually quite an entertaining comedy. Meryl Streep plays the bitchy editor in chief and Anne Hathaway the ambitous assistant. It’s fun and entertaining.

Inside the House of Chanel

In 2005 Karl Lagerfeld allowed a filmteam from arte into the holy house of Chanel. They produced a fabulous documentary series about the designer, his sewers, true handcrafts and the unglamorous hard work that brings a sketch onto the runway. You can watch snippits here and certainly find the entire series in a video store.

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