A Pop-Up Beard

Since my earliest childhood days I was in love with books. The combination of paper, ink and colour was for me the diving board into my own fantasy world. Until the day I learned reading myself, I was forcing all kinds of people to read stories for me. My father worked for the university and we always had young students at home for dinner or even for parties all night long. I remember wandering around the crowded rooms as a little boy and picking up the prettiest girls to read a story for me. The most talented storytellers of the night would then get the honour to read from my dearest pop-up book. Like a small Houdini I was eager to impress the student crowd with the secret magic tricks and illusions my books were capable off.

Growing up I kept them and additionally started collecting more and more pop-up books. Nowadays, I have them on display behind glass in my living room. Some of these books are beautifully illustrated, some have funny gimmicks or even glow in the dark. Not all of them have an artistic or a monetary value. But all of them are impregnated with all kinds of memories from my childhood, when my imagination used to be way more vivid and was able to take me away from real life. Therefore, it let me venture deep into a fierce dark jungle with little monkeys to play, snakes to enchant and wild tigers to tame.

A Pop-Up BeardA Pop-Up BeardA Pop-Up BeardA Pop-Up BeardA Pop-Up BeardA Pop-Up Beard

Text: Claudio Hearts Berlin, Photos: Alicia Kassebohm


Alicia Kassebohm is a freelance photographer and communication design student at the Institude of Design Berlin. Last year she won the 3rd place of the Deutscher Jugendfotopreis. For iHeartBerlin she talks with interesting men about their goregous beards. If you are interested in getting your special beard portrait taken by Alicia feel free to get in touch with her at a.kassebohm@me.com.

More info: www.aliciaka.com




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