The Line at Berghain Illustration by Nicola Napoli

Nicola Napoli is a talented young visual designer from Italy currently based in Berlin who can count renowned clients such as Vice Magazine, musician DENA, adidas, Issyvoo, Noisy and Soundcloud to his list of references. His work includes album covers, prints for garments, magazine layouts, illustrations and other creative products and projects.

One of his recent works for Issyvoo made the rounds on social media websites and became quite the hit. It shows a playful interpretation of the line in front of the famous Berghain nightclub and what happens to the people who get rejected at the door. What’s interesting about it is how Nicola sees the different kinds of people you would imagine going to Berghain (the reality is actually not quite as flamboyant). Get a closer look after the jump.

You can purchase the art print in Nicola’s webshop.

In a new updated version the Berghain gets an unexpected pair of visitors. We are pretty sure they got bounced, despite the welcome gift…

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