Generation Selfie

When I look around me in the streams of social media channels of Facebook, Instagram and co. it’s pretty obvious: We are living in the “Generation Selfie”. At first I was a little critical about the aspects of vanity and redundancy that came along with this new trend. But by know I have come to understand this as yet another form of communication of youth culture and our contemporary society…

Just like choosing your fashion, blogging about your interests, or designing your home, taking and publishing is a form of self-expression and sharing a part of yourself with the world around you. People are obviously having fun with it, exploring their own appearance and playing around with it. It has almost become a little science to make a perfect selfie: What’s the best lighting? From what angle are my facial features the most flattering? What make-up brings out the best of me and which filter will complement the color of my eyes and skin?

But selfies are not only a way to capture your own beauty. They are also a good way to bring a message or attitude across: I’m happy! I feel sexy! I’m horny! Feeling melancholic! I don’t give a f*ck… One facial expression can tell a whole story.

How do you feel about your own image? What message would you like to get across? Regardless if you are a selfie expert or novice Alcatel ONETOUCH is asking you to compose the perfect selfie and become part of their new global Unexpected Casting Campaign. Get creative, try out some poses and expressions and upload your selfies here until April 23 in these five styles:

World-famous fashion blogger Bryan Boy, Evan Orensten co-founder of Cool Hunting, and Adriana Gastélum founder of Fake Leather will be the jury and have the difficult task to select the three best participants amongst all submissions who will than become the faces of the new global advertising campaign for Alcatel ONETOUCH. So get your cameras or smartphones ready and selfie away! Good luck!

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