Meat – When your sexual Appetite gets you killed

photos: Matt Lambert

“Don’t talk to strangers!”  said the mother to the little Red Riding Hood. I wonder if nowadays the fairy tale mother would say: Don’t go home with some anonymous Tinder, Grindr or whatever other app date. Social networks have an increasing influence on our sexual behavior. Straight and gay people are chatting, flirting and hooking up more through their smart phones than through live interactions. But what if the stranger connected to you through your phone isn’t just a simple lonely dude but a psycho killer whos intentions are to harm you, kill you and then eat part of your body? What sounds like a plot of a semi-interesting thriller was actual a real live scenario not so long ago.

The 29-year old porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta from Canada is accused of killing, dismembering and eating a Chinese student and uploading the evidence to the internet. He was picked up by Berlin police in the Summer of 2012 at an internet café in Neukölln, center of gay hipsteria. The gay scene was shocked that among them was a predator able to kill. Luka even went dancing the weekend before getting caught at Cocktail d’Amore a party we often recommend here on the blog.

For the upcoming theater festival for new theater F.I.N.D. at the Schaubühne Berlin an extraordinary installation based on the alleged killer will have its premiere. Swedish but Berlin-based director Thomas Bo Nilsson and his team created a large scale installation in the Schaubühne Studio that will be running for 240 hours non-stop day and night. The installation is inhabited by 60 performers, acting in a fragmented universe of both living and commercial spaces. The audience can visit MEAT at any time during the performance. You can buy a ticket for a 4 hour slot where you can come and go as you like. Parts of the installation will be streamed online. We are avidly looking forward to see this incredible pieces as it reminds us of others beloved theater experiences as Club Inferno for instance. More details and a very dark and scary trailer produced by local director Matt Lambert after the jump. Also stay tuned for a detailed review after our visit at the installation .

To get a better idea of the piece I recommend to read the blog entry form the Festival-Blog. You can find all dates and time slots here. More information about the F.I.N.D. Festival here.

Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz
Kurfürstendamm 153
10709 Berlin

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