VOTE NOW! The very best German Music Videos of 2014

I’m working for the Short Film Festival Oberhausen in my fourth year now and think I’ve been rather timid with self-adulation. But now it’s time and I want to point your attention to the short art in the Ruhr Valley. Not without current news of course! Those are the pride and joy of my colleague Jessica Manstetten. Nobody can compete with this lady when it comes to music videos! Each year she scours through the world of clips, seeking, sighting and stacking the top of the pops of the underestimated genre. In a three-day steady stare she and a commission select the best German works for the MuVi Award from submissions and select the MuVi International program from what they loved over the year. The selection for 2014 has been made and you can watch all German Clips online and Vote for the audience award since last week. A trip to the festival at the beginning of May, where the price will be awarded and celebrated with one of the legendary parties at the festival bar, is raffled among the voters…

You can find all news concerning the highlights of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen on the website, on Facebook and  soon here on iheartberlin.

For now let’s vote! Here, you can watch all videos in the competition and make your selection.

As a little teaser here’s my favourite video from the past four years: Fratzengulasch. And a little side info: The co-directors of this clip Katharina Duve and Timo Schierhorn are also in the 2014 competition with their new video for Die goldenen Zitronen.

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