The Unexpected Casting – A Guide on how to Selfie

With all the current hype around the Oscar selfies, various Instagram selfie memes such as #aftersex, #iwokeuplikethis, #nomakeup, as well as elaborate feature articles about the topic in renowned newspapers and magazines it was bound to happen: a selfie casting campaign.

As already reported last week Alcatel ONETOUCH is looking for the new faces of their upcoming global advertising campaign with the help of an Unexpected Casting. To have a chance to win you only have to do one easy thing: submit your own selfies. A jury of three famous individuals will pick the best selfies amongst all the submissions. Amongst them is one expert of self-portrayal: uber-successful fashion blogger and now-celebrity Bryan Boy. I’m sure he has a thing or two to say about selfies as he has already published hundreds of them. His fellow jury members are Cool Hunting co-founder Evan Orensten, and Fake Leather founder Adriana Gastélum.

A little how-to-guide on taking the right selfie after the jump.

To participate you have to follow our little checklist and take selfies in 5 different categories which are naughty, wild, dumb, geek and kiddo (childish).

In terms of preparations you should take a few easy steps into consideration:

Lighting! Make sure to have a brightly light room or even some sunlight in your picture. Don’t take photos against the light, they will make your face become a shadow. Make sure the light is not too yellow, but also not too blue.

    Angle! Play around with the angle of your face to find your chocolate side. Avoid angles from far below or too far ahead as these might exaggerate your features in an unflattering way.

      Expressions! Try out some poses and facial expressions. Be creative and don’t be shy to make extreme or funny expressions. People want to be entertained and not bored.

        Accessories! A funny prop or accessory or an unusual background with textures, colors and objects can give your selfie an interesting context and will give you the opportunity to create an interesting photo composition.

          And now on to the 5 selfie categories:

          Naughty! Naughty can mean a lot of things, but one thing is for sure: It’s something you’re not supposed to do. Unbutton your blouse a little too much. Eat the piece of chocolate cake that will ruin your diat. Shop the expensive shoes you can’t afford. Everything is allowed!

            Wild! This one is easy. Do something you never thought you would do. Headbanging in public with your headphones on. Ride your bike down the hill with hands free (well you need to hold your camera in one hand. Jump into the cold water (your smartphone better be waterproof). Be free of your bounderies and go crazy.

              Geek! You collect smurfs? You know everything about a certain computer game? You wear horn-rimmed glasses at work? Yes, you might qualify as a geek 😉

                Dumb! One word: Duckface!

                  Kiddo! Bring the inner child out. Go to the playground and chase away the other kids. Tie your hair together in funny piggy tails. Steal the lollipop of your nephews. Get your old toys from the attic. Be as childish as you can.

                    I hope these little steps gave you some inspiration for your selfie. You have until April 23, 2014 to submit your selfies to the Unexpected Casting website. Now don’t be shy, get your cameras ready and selfie away! Good luck!

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