The Dark Side of Finish Pop Music: Pooma

Berlin is not only great for its vibrant local music scene, but benefits from touring bands from all over the world bringing inspiring new music styles to the capital. This week’s music recommendation from our side is Pooma. They are a Finnish band who specialised in putting a dark twist on pop music. Inspired by the movie director David Lynch who’s famous for The Elephant Man, Twin Peaks and Mullholland Drive and his surreal aesthetic they got some impressive visuals as well that you can enjoy after the jump.

On the Showcase Night of Nordic by Nature on Thursday you have the chance to see Pooma live in concert for free at Monarch. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity and put yourself on the guestlist just by emailing to  Also check their Soundcloud channel to get in touch with their vibe before the concert. More pictures and some really disturbing gifs after the jump.

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