photo: Sel Dizman

Everybody is looking at the weather forecast like crazy these days. For obvious reasons: 1st of May, the most favorite celebration of the Berliners and the tourists visiting town is hit by numerous parties, open airs and all kinds of celebrations. We put together a couple of parties and open airs we love to go to. Also, we heard about some crazy rumors about infamous club reopenings. Anyway if you are not deadly sick or hit by a truck there is no reason to not go out on first of may and enjoy the parties, the people and the smiling city.

First things first! The actual beginning of the first of May parties is the night before. The Walpurgisnacht, for the Germans the night of the witches is renowned for its crazy celebrations. For some intoxicating gatherings with creative women you should not miss the Salon Salon event on Torstraße with Esther Perbandt DJing together with Alexander Sheer. If you want to shake your bootie with some Hip-Hop -(B)Witches you should go to Prince Charles. For the full Rap-Power you can also enjoy the 50 most attractive Rappers of Berlin battling at Astra Kulturhaus. For some electronic partying the Ritter Butzke might be the right spot, if you don’t mind a huge crowd.

During the day you have the hard choice between many open airs going on. My recommendation: Meet your friends at home. Have a nice brunch with sparkling wine and some strawberries and then drive to Kreuzberg. Don’t try to meet your friends inside the crowd. It will just cause tons of frustrations. Like on New Years Eve it will amaze you how many people you will meet spontaneously. So leave your phone at home or in the pocket and don’t go crazy by trying to connect with everyone.

Partywise the Luzia Open Air is always a giant rave with amazing music and pretty hipsters hopping through the streets. Just watch the videos of last year and you can imagine what will hit you this year.

If you prefer a less hip and more relaxed crowd the Locke Müller Open Air is waiting with a Function One for you and a really nice line up. I just wonder if you will be able to hear the Spreewald-Platz-Open -Air right next to it and the Base-Ment Open Air? Maybe all three parties are going to fuse? Or your sense of rhythm will have a hard time choosing which sound to follow with your dancing feet.

While dancing you might get your outfit to sweaty to get a decent flirt to talk to you? Not a problem if you pass by the United Colors of Beton – Backyard Sale of Muschi Kreuzberg. Hilarious fashion is waiting for your anticapitalistic spirits to bend over.

Hungry for music and something nice to bite on? The Bite-Club waits for you on the legendary party boat Hoppetosse to feed some hungry party-people.

Organized by restaurant Vabrique and the artist agency Polytope the Open Air and Party taking place in a couple of Backyards in Kreuzberg sounds more then promising.

Also you should not forget to have a short visit to Kreuzberg-Party- Institution Farbfernseher before you go to a late night party Arm&Sexy. This name is more than just a joke, since the most attractive (but broke) gay guys of town will be there.

Various rumors confirmed the reopening of legendary Bar 25 on the new Holzmarkt25 area. Still you have to find out for yourself if rumors are going to be true. However you decide to spend the day. Remember to be peaceful, happy and don’t let yourself get stressed out by the crowded streets, street sellers and demonstrations. Let’s celebrate this wonderful day with respect for each other. Only like this Berlin can continue to be as beloved and harmonic as it is until now.

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on April 30th, 2014
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