Berlin Fashion: Barre Noire inspired by You

If there’s one thing I absolutely love about this city it’s the fact that so many young creative people are living here who make amazing beautiful things. Artists, writers, musicians, designers, you name it, Berlin has them. Timm Süssbrich is one of those young talents in the city. He started his fashion label Barre Noire only a few years ago but has already made it quite far: He won several awards, made it to the official runway of the Berlin Fashion Week, and even got into a fashion program on mainstream television.

As his next trick he is now designing garments inspired by you. By whom? Yes, by you! Together with SKYY VODKA he is calling for submissions of creative moodboards and collages through Instagram that he will take as an inspiration to design unique pieces for the best entries. So if you always wanted to have your own individual design from the hands of a hot new designer this is your chance. Find out how to take part and see the latest Barre Noire collection after the jump.

Timm Süssbrich

This is how you take part (note the Terms&Conditions):

1. Follow @SKYYVODKADE on Instagram.

2. Be inspired by Barre Noire and SKYY VODKA and create your own moodboard or collage.

3. Upload your creations to Instagram and tag #SKYYINSPIRED and @SKYYVODKADE.

4. For the most creative and unique submissions Barre Noire will create one-of-a-kind garments inspired the moodboards.

Be creative! Good luck! Below you will find the latest lookbook and runway photos of Barre Noire as well as a backstage video from his show during Berlin Fashion Week in January 2014.

photo: Cats&Dogs

Barre Noire – Autumn/Winter 2014/15 – “One Night in Sacramento”

photos lookbook: Juliette Mainx, runway: Trevor Good

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