Miki Banana – A Monkeylicious Vintage Paradise

With all the vintage buzz going on Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln you probably haven’t come across one particularily amazing second hand shop in Wedding, just a few steps from the border to Mitte. Miki Banana is probably by far the most fun one of them all as the owners have put a lot of love to details and decoration into their big shop. As the name suggests there are a lot of bananas, and where there are bananas, there are also monkeys, and where there are monkeys, there are Barbies not to far. Well, the last one might be not as logical to you, as it is to me, but that’s anoter story.

The selection of clothes, shoes and accessories is pretty much focused on 80s and 90s with all the catchy it-pieces of the contemporary vintage-loving hipster, such as bold graphic print shirts, oversized jackets and Bill Cosby’s pullovers. The variety is quite big as the store has a huge stock and prices are quite fair, especially compared to most of the shops in the other districts. If you haven’t checked this place out, you should make sure to do so, you will love it. My favorite part of the shop is it’s sense of humor that makes shopping there an extra fun experience. Some more impressions and the details after the jump.

UPDATE: Unfortunately this great shop has shut down 🙁

Miki Banana Vintage Berlin

Brunnenstr. 64

13355 Berlin

UPDATE: Unfortunately this great shop has shut down 🙁

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