Berlin Art: LAX/TXL – Project M/4 by Urban Nation

Dabs Myla, Shoot The Moon

This Saturday, Berlin Schöneberg’s Bülowstraße will see a very exclusive group of international and local urban artists unpacking their stencils, cans, tapes, brushes, glue, cutter, foil, paperboard and so on, to utilize the shop windows and facade of a building that is currently mostly unoccupied. This is “Project M/“, a temporary art project that has the goal and objective to improve the neighborhood, to push creativity and to connect artists and communities. Urban Nation with director Yasha Young is the creative force behind this exciting art project.

For the installation this Saturday she joined forces with L.A.-based Thinkspace Gallery and together they came up with an amazing roster of artists from around the globe: Alexis Diaz (La Pandilla) from Puerto Rico, stencil artist C215 from France, Nosego from the US, the Aussies of Dabs Myla, the Berlin-based Low Bros and many more will be part of the project. Once the artists are finished with their work on the evening of May 17, a large, colorful Open-Air Gallery will be realized, on view for all passers-by until the next round of Project M/. And as if that’s not enough the Urban Nation office just across the street opens with a huge pop-up show named LAX/TXL on Saturday, too. More info about that one after the jump.

Alex Yanes

Seth Armstrong, from the 27th floor

Nosego, Climate Control

Kevin Peterson, Detroit

The show “LAX/TXL” is not only a great opening event for the Urban Nation headquarters. This exhibition is also a rare opportunity for all art fans, collectors and collectors-to-be to dive deeply into the huge variety of the Urban Contemporary Art movement. Many of the 60 (!) artists in the show have not yet exhibited in Berlin or Germany. On view are for example works by Alex Yanes, Brian M. Viveros, Dabs Myla, Yosuke Ueno, Joao Ruas and many, many more.

Glenn Arthur, The Visitant

Frank Gonzales, Sonoran Life

Erica Rose Levine, Indian Python

Curiot, There where spirits dwell we bathe in light

The format is the central theme connecting all works on display – it is 16×16 inch. The styles, techniques and motifs are demonstrating the huge spectrum of the Urban Contemporary Art movement.

The opening of the exhibition is on May 17th at 20:30 at Bülowstraße 97, Berlin Schöneberg. The exhibition is on display from May 19th to mid July, Monday through Friday 10-6.

Come round!

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About Urban Nation: URBAN NATION brings together artists that shape and enrich urban spaces in neighborhoods in every corner of the world and around the globe. It is a unique vision with the goal to support renowned and up-and-coming contemporary artists alike as well as cities and their inhabitants. By hosting workshops, events and exhibitions in a non-profit public space, it promotes community, participation and creative exchange.

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