Do me the Monkey

The EcoSport Challenge that we’ve introduced a few weeks ago is in full throttle right now with six remaining teams competing against each other in different tasks. But it’s not simply about fullfilling the tasks, but how creatively you document your efforts through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well. The teams have already finished the first two challenges in the last couple of weeks and 2 teams of the original 8 have already been voted out. Now the remaining 6 are on the 3rd challenge. You can follow the follow the process of each team on the EcoSport Challenge website with all their photo uploads, tweets and little best of videos.

My favorite challenge so far was the first one where they had to dress up as a gorilla and invade a supermarket buying lots of bananas. It was pretty much an icebreaker for the contestants loosing all their countenance in favor of creating the most hilarious submissions. A little review of those you can see after the jump.

I especially liked the gorilla costume idea because one of my favorite Viners is a super funny guy in a gorilla costume. Check him out, his name on Vine is Simply Sylvio and his videos belong to the most creative and fun ones.

The next challenge is all about being a good shepherd… Follow the challenges here and stay tuned for more.

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