Summertime is Yogatime

photo: Björn Ewers

Summer has surprisingly pop upped like a shop on Torstraße and is hopefully going to stay for a while.  Instead we would love to say goodbye to our winter bellies. They grew  around Christmas, became pregnant on Easter and have no intention to leave any time soon. Thankfully, this city is full of amazing fitness opportunities to choose from. But honestly speaking the regular sports would take quite a while to reshape us to the perfect sommer-lake-body. Extreme situation require for extreme measures. Therefore we recommend you to try Yoga and especially Hot Yoga. Going from the natural heat of the city to the artificial heat of a studio may seem absurd at first. But I reassure you that few things will make you get fit and toned again as this extreme way to exercise. Read our full yoga guide to Berlin to find out the best suited yoga studio for your kind of workout needs.  Also there will be a really big Yoga Festival here in Berlin where you can check out different workshops and yoga styles at a beautiful lake scenario. After the jump a stunning series of images that combines yoga and vivid, neon-lit typography shot by the Berlin photographer Björn Ewers. Happy Summer work out to everyone.

via Design Taxi

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