XPOSED – Why small Festivals are better

Small film festivals tend to be overlooked. It begins with the Hollywood stars who don’t attend that leads to the press that doesn’t care and all of a sudden most of the city dwellers don’t even know it even happened. However small festivals tend to have a great atmosphere, fabulous films and a much sharper focus, so you can more easily decide if it’s for you or not. Small festivals offer the exchange with like-minded people, the artists and usually you leave those with a much better experience than the big ones. Also you’ll get to see films you might never otherwise. Why am I telling you this? Well, the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival is going into it’s 9th edition this year and it is one of those small festivals Berlin has to offer. Unfortunately you probably won’t hear everyone in Berlin talking about it, but now you know and should spread the word and GO WATCH their amazing program at Moviemento in Kreuzberg. More about it after the jump.

The focus of this year’s selection is the North. Meaning all films are from Northern European countries, such as Iceland, Sweden, Norway, you know the rest… in addition you can see short a selection of German and international short films, an (anti) musical Documentary special plus the Berlin premiere of Les recontres d’après minuit (You and the Night) by Yann Gonzales.

XPOSED is a festival dedicated to films concerning questions on identity, gender and sexuality. It’s political and fun, quirky and arty. The festival will take over the Moviemento in Kreuzberg this Thursday, May 29th, and will show films until Sunday, June 1st 2014. You can buy tickets, find the entire program and more information on the XPOSED Website.

And to give you a little taste here is the festival trailer!

See you there!

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