7 Awkward Things to do in the Summer

Sometimes when I get asked about what you could do in Berlin in the summer and I have just given every imaginable advice about lakes, outdoor locations and open air parties I simply run out of suggestions. That’s the moment when I have to become creative, or simply a little silly… So instead of giving you sensible advice about summer activities today I give you a list of the most awkward and random things to do on a sunny weekend. Have fun!

1.Visit a Petting Zoo

You think that cuddling animals in a farm or in a petting zoo is  is something for children? Wait until you’ve given that cute, fluffy cow a big fat kiss on the nose. You will instantly connect with nature, but maybe all the kids in the zoo will be annoyed with you for taking their space. Also, you need to be careful with the little lovely animals that are sometimes less harmless than they seem.

2. Discover a new Fetish

Being a hipster is totally 2005. Normcore seems to be the new thing, but that’s also totally yesterday already. The new thing: Being an open fetishist. Why hide your inner kinky side in the closet? Be progressive and live it out. For instance go to your next family reunion  picknick dressed in a full rubber outfit and offer yourself as a sitting chair.

3. Reenact the most memorable scenes of Dirty Dancing

Everyone loves Dirty Dancing and probably every girl over 25 has seen this film about 100 times (their boyfriends too, probably). So how about you surprise your surroundings by spontaneously reenacting the best dance scenes from the film. For instance: In a lake, in the middle of an open air party, or better yet: at the Berghain garden. I’m sure you will make it a memorable moment for everyone.

4. Do Yoga in Public

Claudio will be able to tell you lots about yoga and I’m sure open air yoga is for him the most normal and natural thing to do. It might not be very awkward for the one doing it, but certainly for the passersby to watch you in the weirdest positions. And don’t forget to breath loud and clearly. (If somebody mistakes this with a public orgasms its not your fault but simply their projections. Ohm Shanti Ohm…)

5. Urban Cattle Breeding

Forget urban farming, everybody is doing that (see Tempelhofer Feld)… If the Chinese can have their own chicken house in the backyard, so can you! How about breeding some sheep in the Hinterhof? They give milk, wool, meat. I’m sure if you share some of your fresh produce with the neighbors they won’t mind the smell.

6. Join a Circus

You think acrobats belong in the circus? Well, perfect! This list is for the most awkward things to do in the summer, so here we have another perfect one: Do team acrobatics in a park. You will surely gather an audience for yourself. Just try to not kill yourself while balancing on the shoulders of your roommate please.

7. Become a Street Musicians

It’s going to be an interesting experience to test your non-existent musical talents with a live audience on the street. It’s going to be awkward when your friends and work mates will pass by you seeing you rape a poor innocent instrument on the street corner. Fun!

So, do you dare to do any of these? But you will probably think of many other awkward and random things to fill your summer with a little self-irony.

All the photos are from the contestants of the EcoSport Challenge 2014.

Thanks to Ford for the support!

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