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I’m a total TV show addict and one of my dreams has always been a drama show about life in Berlin. Not because  life here is particularily dramatic, quite the contrary, but in those 14 years that I’ve been living here, I have experienced and heard enough stories that could fill a couple of seasons.

With the new independently produced show Ecke Weserstraße my little dream might have potentially come true. Created and produced by Johannes Hertwig and  Hayung von Oepen the show tells the story of three young friends who live in the popular Reuterkiez and try to make it in Berlin. The trailer already has some lines that are pretty on point and painfully true: “Every victim here has their own blog and that’s why they everyone believes they can do it too.” Haha, are you talking about us? Well, I understand where this criticism comes from. But personally, as someone who has been blogging for 7 years and is part of an early generation of bloggers, I still congratulate everyone who starts something new, a fashion blog, a tumblr, your own little sock label. It doesn’t matter that there are already so many people out there already doing similar things. If you have the chance to try yourself out, do it and don’t let other people discourage you. I’m really curious what Ecke Weserstraße is going to express with this matter. More about it and all three episodes after the jump.

Episode 1:

“Sometimes I wonder why you are friends with exactly this guy.” So many times I have wondered the same. People, especially the young ones who come here from many different places, have such random friends based on the most shallow critiria. I think maybe the fact that they are all just coming and going anyway makes it not worth it to form personal deep bonds with people that go beyond the mindless party friend, casual fuck buddy and practical gym companion. I think after years and an endless string of people coming and going they will feel pretty alone in the big city.

“Over there, there’s two completely different worlds passing by each other. Those that live here, and those that want to live here.” I find that an interesting way of putting it. It’s true. Especially in the past 4 years Berlin has started to close a few doors that made it a little less accessible for permanent living here. Rents are not as low anymore, not so easy to find even the simplest of jobs, speaking German becoming more of a must when dealing with officials or business relations, communities being more sceptical to foreigners. There is a gap now between people that actually made it and live here and those who just arrive still trying to make it. Ultimately a lot of people who come here with great expectations of an easy going life will leave again disappointed and disillusioned. It’s not that easy in Berlin as one might expect, and I think this is exactly what Ecke Weserstraße is all about. There is some drama and seriousness after all between all the parties, confetti and flirting.

Episode 2:

NEW! Episode 3:

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