Flirting in Berlin: The Dating Dilemma

photo: I Hate Flash

I pronounce myself guilty for not having written a flirting in Berlin column for a quite a while. To be honest, I was not really in the flirting mood in the last months. The reasons: the classic Dating Dilemma. If you have no dates you feel empty and like nothing really exciting is happening anymore. Just if you are meeting someone, your emotions (or let’s just say my emotions) are going overboard so fucking easy that it is hard to handle all the normal things in life. The only good thing about the Dating Dilemma in Berlin: You are not the only one. Nearly all my single friends are in the same excruciating situation. Not meeting somebody is boring but meeting somebody makes your nerves go nuts. Why is it so hard in Berlin just to find the right person to be happy with?

The guys from We are now are going out on the streets of Berlin asking people about it. All of that gives no answers to the big WHY AM I STILL SINGLE question. But at least you realize that you are not alone. Everybody has the same struggles, insecurities and weird thoughts about love. But maybe learning to love is truly about that. Sharing your struggles with same-minded people and also find a way to laugh away the little fears inside you.  Watch the video after the jump.

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