Rohkunstbau 2014: Revolution – Modern Art in the Castle

While Berlin itself has countless amazing things to discover in its center, it also has some great weekend-escapes outside of the city. For the art lovers we found a little pearl outside Berlin which might be the right thing to do on a cloudy day.

Inside an old abandoned mansion the Rohkunstbau installs unique art exhibitions every summer. At Schloss Roskow you will have the chance to experience all kinds of contemporary art in an extraordinary setting. The theme of this year’s exhibition is Revolution and it deals with issues of globalization, political participation and the subversive power of art in any revolution. Some of the artworks are quite subtle while others are rather concrete, but always very smart. Again the curator Mark Gisbourne has done a great job in creating an interesting mixture of artist and art forms.

The mansion itself has a very compelling history. It was the house of Leutnant Hans Hermann von Katte friend and gay lover of prince Friedrich II. They had the plan to escape together from the evil dad of Friedrich II. (how romantic) but got caught by spies and Katte was executed (now I see that my parental issues might be marginal in comparison). And what we learn from that: Life can be tough shit even if you are a Prussian prince.

I strongly suggest to use one of the weekends in August or September for a little trip to the countryside to see the Rohkunstbau 2014. You will have a unique art experience and while there you should also check out the surroundings. The exhibition is open until Semptember 21, 2014. More photos of the exhibition after the jump.

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