Faces of N. – An Audiovisual Experiment

Earlier this year we already presented you the first teaser video of a project titled Faces of N. by Berlin-based audiovisual artist Gabriel Shalom. In the short film you can see model and designer Nicole Roscher (Von Bardonitz) in front of a mirror undressing and dressing in several outfits but edited and looped in a way that the sounds that she made with her clothes and movements assembled a beat and a melody. But the video wasn’t everything, it was an introduction to a full audiovisual EP that Gabriel presented live at an event at CAKE studios a few months later and has now released on his website for the world to see. The EP consists of 5 new videos of Nicole shuffeling and ruffeling her clothes. The sounds recorded during the filming of the video were sampled with a method called granular synthesis which uses very small pieces of audio to create new tones. Some of them were also worked on with an equalizer to emphasize certain frequencies. The result is a set of minimalistic and experimental tracks that will remind you a bit of breakbeat, but stripped down to its core. Enjoy all 5 tracks and the intricately edited videos that go with them after the jump.


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