The Colour Parade

Considering the excruciating stiffness and dreadfully boring sense of fashion of us Germans (it’s true! just look around!) it comes as no surprise that it takes a looney pair of Aussies with a lot of sun in their hearts to create something like The Colour Parade here in Berlin. What it is is a fun little gathering of likeminded excentric individuals who want to praise the glory of self-expression in the most of colourful ways: with crazy-ass outfits and make-up. What a joy for the eyes and just what the grey, conformative crowd of Berlin needs to lighten the fuck up. The details after the jump!

Of course everyone is welcome to join the parade that’s going to kick of this Saturday at 14h at Friedrichstraße 140 next to the S-Bahn opposite Admiralspalast. You don’t have to dress in colour, obviously, as this is about self-expression, so come as you see fit or dress to impress! Parade organizer Anto Christ and her posse are awaiting you for the fun. Join the Facebook event and show your support!

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