The Favourite Film Festival shows Audience Price Winners in Berlin

The film festival circuit is a strange one. Some winning films of festivals get great attention once they are released cinematically, but some winners are celebrated one night and then disappear somewhere into the wide world of agents and negotiations. The Favourites Film Festival shows films from around the Globe that have won audience awards. The selection of short and feature films this year includes winners from Mexico, Afghanistan, Senegal, Germany and plenty of other countries. Each film is a unique star in the solar system of film art and luckily you can fly to unknown ones without risking a false start. Certainly a winner is not instantly a winner for everyone, but audience awards are usually a pretty great indication that most people will enjoy the cinematic experience.

The festival begins tonight (September 7th 2016) and takes place at the City Kino Wedding until September 11th 2016.

For more information and tickets visit the Favourites Film Festival Website or visit them on facebook.

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