7 Years of iHeartBerlin and 7 Surprises

Wow, can’t believe it’s already been 7 years since we started this little blog called iHeartBerlin that changed our lives completely. I’m super happy and proud of what became of this project and how we all have evolved with it. We’ve seen so many great things, not only here in Berlin, but in the whole world, met so many great, talented people and had some amazing opportunities given to us thanks to this website.

We are celebrating this of course! It’s not a round number, but hell, 7 is the coolest one digit number so let’s do this! We have 7 different surprises prepared for our 7th Anniversary, two of which we have already revealed. I can already tell you to mark your calendars for the following dates: September 17 and 20, and October 2, 2014. We have big things planned… Read more about it after the jump.


So the first surprise that was released is our collaboration with bodieSLANGuage which is an innovative performance piece that will premiere tonight at Ballhaus Ost. Check out the series of animated GIFs we produced for the play and get more details about the production.

To give you a little bit of a cryptical overview here is our still secret 7 surprises list:

1… Read my bodieSLANGuage – September 11 THEATER

2… Xx Xxx Xxxxx – September 17

3… Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxx – September 20

4… Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx – September 20

5… 7th Anniversary Party – September 20 PARTY

6… Xxxxx Xxxxxxx – September 28 – October 6

7… Xxxxxx xx Xxxx – October 2

Make a wish!

The second surprise that we have released through Facebook is our big 7th anniversary event and party on Saturday, September 20th at Leipziger Straße 60 (entrance over Jerusalemstr.) It’s a cool new space much like the HBC where we used to make events back in 2010 and 2011. But this one is even bigger and brighter, a perfect playground for our projects and already a hotspot before it even opened.

There are two other surprises happening on the 20th in the same space and a few more on other dates, so stay tuned for that! We are looking forward to celebrate with you! And make sure to attend to our Facebook event 😉


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Frank is the founder and editor-in-chief of iHeartBerlin. He takes photos, makes videos, and writes texts mostly about what's going on in Berlin. His vision and interests have shaped iHeartBerlin since its conception back in 2007 - and he hopes to continue bringing you the best of Berlin for many years to come.