A Berliner in a Box

One of the most fun and memorable exhibits of the recent group exhibition by Your Mom’s Agency that took place at the same venue as our WE ARE BERLIN group show was the series of Berliners in a Box by Dorit Bialer. It was basically playsets made of customized Playmobil dolls and accessories that resembled the typical types of people you will encounter here in Berlin, such as the depressed Aldi salesclerk, the starving artist, the successful artist, the punks in front of Kaisers, the Prenzlauer Berg mom, the underpaid intern and so on. The packages are made with a lot of wit and love to the details so it’s really fun to explore all these Berlin clichees and they will certainly make you laugh. What is even more interesting is that the artist also offers to make these boxes custom made for you which could very well be the most original portrait you will ever get of yourself. But for now let’s enjoy the Berliners in a box!

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