Open your City – Heineken Final Party


There is one unwritten rule that applies to every project in Berlin: You can’t finish your story without a proper party in the end. And this story has one hell of a bang as a finale! As media partners of the Open Your City project by Thump for Heineken we are delighted to introduce you to the final event. The idea behind Open Your City is to connect and promote the creative highlights from the big cities around the world collecting the hottest places of the most important cities in the so-called Heat Map that is curated by many local experts from around the globe, including ourselves.

After the Berlin meets Rio fusion event at Voo Store and our Contemporary Art Guide for Berlin-Mitte as part of the Heat Map we are happy to announce the final party this Thursday night: The line-up is quite impressive: ZEBRA KATZ (live), GESAFFELSTEIN and SICK GIRLS are all playing at one party! On top of that there will be  some genious visuals by Pfadfinderei
 and special performances by MC Sgt Pokes (London), Keflione (Shanghai), House of Melody (Berlin), Brasil Power Drums (Rio) and many more. Find out how to get into this exclusive party after the jump.


House of Melody


To take part in this event you have to check out the  Heineken Facebook page on Wednesday (October 1st 2014)  late afternoon and comment on the event post that will be coming out than. With a little bit of luck you’ll get your invitation soon afterwards and dance with us to the beats of eye-candy GESAFFELSTEIN. Best of luck!

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