Talents of this City: Berlin’s Most Creative Fashion Labels

Deborah Borque for Front Row Society

Everybody who follows our blog knows that we are huge fans and supporters of Berlin’s fashion scene. We organized fashion shows, photo shootings, fashion film screenings, designed our own collections and even created our own fashion comedy show. Our next fashion-related project will be our Cinèma de Mode event tomorrow on October 2 featuring fashion films from Berlin and the rest of the world and we hope you can all attend.

On the occasion of this event we wanted to introduce you to Berlin labels that we consider to be outstanding in creativity and design. We also wanted to introduce you to the recent collaboration between Zalando Lounge and a couple of young Berlin labels. Zalando Lounge is an exclusive online shopping experience, where you get the chance to shop limited designs on a certain date with a special discount of up to 75%. They have recently updated their brand portfolio with a great range of Berlin labels and we think that is a great deal for the designers and their customers. After the jump we will introduce you to Sopopular, Blush, Frontrow Society, LVC by Lauren Victoria Craig and Umasan.


The young Berlin-based menswear label Sopopular is run by designer Daniel Blechman who we visited a while ago in his studio in Kreuzberg. The label is in its fifth year now and has earned great applause season after season with their cutting edge menswear pieces. With their collections they stand out by combining current trends with their own unique signature silhouettes and fabric mixes. This way they created a look that is both commercially appealing while still maintaining a post-modern attitude. Our friends from Kaltblut recently released a beautiful fashion film with the brand you can watch here.


Berlin is sexy! To discover why you just have to ask Claudia Kleinert from the couture underwear label Blush. Her creations are feminine and slightly provocative. Their campaigns are always featuring women as fierce, strong and independent. The entrepreneurial spirit of this label which exists now for over 13 years is as remarkable as their collections.

Front Row Society

This label is not a fashion label in the traditional sense. Front Row Society offers high quality accessories with unique and original designs. But the products featured and sold on their website are submitted by the community and than get chosen for production via vote. We had several collaborations with Front Row Society in 2012 and 2013. Still seeing our scarves and leggings on the streets of Berlin surprises us and makes us a little bit proud, too.


As a yoga addict this label is on my radar since their beautiful beginnings. But this brand is more than just an avant-garde take on yoga wear. Umasan is the first and only vegan high fashion label that reflects our new generation of responsible fashion customers. The vegan label attaches a great importance to ecological and humane production processes as well as the natural, sustainable and animal-friendly use of resources. They bring an exclusive minimal aesthetic together with a sense for cuts and innovative materials. I love the fact that their creations are comfortable and enjoyable to wear at any moment of the day, never restricting your body. And that is exactly my definition of yoga fashion.

Lauren Victoria Craig

LVC by Lauren Victoria Craig is an outstanding fashion project trying to capture the spirit of the Berlin woman. The designers takes her inspiration from Berlin-based artists both on the street, clubs, galleries and museums creating individualistic looks her customers will be craving for. Her garments have a simple silhouette with unique details, they are effortlessly functional for the busy, fast-paced lives that we live every day here in Berlin.

We thank Zalando Lounge the support

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