Film Fest Galore: Italian Film & Lakino Festival

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Mitte is diving head first into the film festival circuit. Two great festival programs will commence at the old beauty Kino Babylon and the massive Volksbühne this Friday. From Oktober 2nd through 5th the Tuscia Film Fest 2014 brings the highlights of the Italian art of filmmaking onto the silver screen. And while the final film of their program is still flickering in the Babylon, the Volksbühne opens the gates for Lakino. The Latin American Film Fest will present films, discussions and art from the faraway continent until October 12th 2014. Details after the jump.


The Programme of the Italian Film Festival consists of „only“ seven films, but among them an Oscar winner (La grande bellezza by Paolo Sorrentino), the winner of the Festival du Film in Cannes (Le meraviglie by Alice Rohrbacher) as well as the winner of this year’s Golden Lion in Venice (SACRO G.R.A. by Gianfranco Rosi). So you see the Italian film is in bloom and the remaining four films certainly don’t have to hide behind the big winners, but are definitely worth watching just the same. Some of the directors will be present and ready for your questions after the screenings.

For more information and tickets, please visit the Tuscia Film Fest website.


The Latin American Film Festival has a more extensive program, but then again it has to cover much more ground than little Italy. 30 Films made it into this year’s selection, there will be a total of 60 screenings, additional discussions, a party, a concert and an art exhibition. Plenty of artistic evidence of the creative scene in Latin America that you are welcome to dive into with single tickets (7€) or slightly cheaper subscription packages.

Learn all about the festival, the program and buy tickets on their website.

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