Fortschritt Karibik – A Magic Theater Box at Kottbuser Tor

I remember being quite surprised when my literature teacher told us in school that the friendship between Robinson Crusoe and Friday had a big “Gay” Factor. It is one of the things that are so painfully obvious that you don`t notice it.

Experiencing the theatre performance Fortschritt Karibik at Vierte Welt you will have a large amount of this painful “of course, how could I don’t see it” moments. Both pieces are about the situation in the Caribbean after the earthquake or furthermore the “European” commercialised fantasy of their situation. Even if the topic is rather serious, it does not mean that the pieces lack in humour. In contrary: inside the small theatre inside the Kreuzberg-Center of Kottbusser Tor, a magic box will open in front of you charmingly showing you what kind of self-complacent shitty attitude we have towards the human catastrophe in the Caribbean. I definitely recommend you to watch the piece not only for the stunning performances of sisters in crime Tatiana Saphir and Tamara Saphir but also because of the multitude of experiences and perspectives you will get with just one theater ticket. Photos, dates and a funny/crazy Trailer after the jump.

photos: Emi Maria Bohacek, Lavinia Benetti, Claudio Rimmele

Fortschritt Karibik at Vierte Welt
October 23-25, 2014, September 10, 2015
Start:20:00h, Doors/bar 19:30h, 13/7/3 Euro

Neues Zentrum Kreuzberg, Galerie 1. OG, Adalbertstraße 4

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