Welcome back C|O Berlin

photo: David von Becker

Tonight, Thursday October 30th, starting at 19h is the grand opening of the C/O Berlin in their new venue Amerika Haus. We got a sneak peek yesterday and say: It’s definitely worth a visit. All information about the opening exhibitions and the new venue after the jump.

photo: David von Becker

Some signs are still missing, bags of concrete are sitting in corners and occasionally the noise of renovations accompanies the visitor. But there is an incredible atmosphere in the Amerika Haus, the new home of C/O Berlin. Journalists came pouring in, almost 300 had signed up for yesterday’s press conference. The organizers of the famous home of photography were moved (almost to tears) and honoured by such great attention and interest in the project and visibly relieved by the warm welcome.

photo: David von Becker

The team can finally begin to forget the tough one and a half years they have had since they were kicked out of the Postfuhramt in Mitte. They visited more than 70 buildings in their search for a new home before eventually finding the Amerika Haus right near Zoologischer Garten. The Amerika Haus doesn’t offer the impressive backdrop the Postfuhramt did, but it has been redesigned right to the needs of the C/O exhibitions.

Flaschenspiele im Strandbad Wannsee, 1958 © Will McBride

Turned into a re-education center wanting to de-nazify the Germans in 1958, the Amerika Haus was initiated with an exhibition dedicated to Will McBride. Fittingly, one of the four opening exhibitions of the new C/O Berlin is also dedicated to this great photographer. “I was in love with this city” is the title of the exhibition and a quote from the artist that shines through each of the pictures. Wonderful black and white images taken from ’56 through ‘63 show a vulnerable yet strong Berlin, whose youth is bursting with their lust for life. An homage to Berlin that could not be more touching.


photo: Lia Melina Pack

Three further exhibitions are opening the new C/O Home:

Picture Yourself. In the Photo booth with Magnum presents images of the famous agency and gives visitors the opportunity to be portrayed in the style of one of their stars.

Autoportrait. Hanoi Studio . Havana, Cuba . 2001 (Detail) © Collection Martin Parr/Magnum Photos

Talents 30. Working the Myth. Enabling young photographers to exhibit their work is an important part of the C/O’s agenda. In this exhibition Louise Schröder and Hannah Peterson explore how architecture is used as an expression of politics.

detail of „Arbeit am Mythos“ . 2011 © Luise Schröder

Finally Magnum. Contact Sheets. The Photographers Choice. Here one can walk on the tracks of famous photographers and some iconic shots. The exhibition shows contact sheets, prints of the entire roll of film shot, from which the photographer chooses the images they want to publish or exhibit. Which images was taken before or after? Is the image from a whole series or was it one lucky shot? What was the situation like? Those questions are answered by the contact sheets and draw visitors into the world of iconic images such as the famous Che Guevara portrait of Rene Burri.

photo: Lia Melina Pack

contact sheet & photo: courtesy of C/O Berlin, © Rene Burri

The four exhibitions are a wonderful mixture of fantastic photographic art and work and a well rounded beginning to a new era.

Congratulations and Welcome Back C/O Berlin!

You can find details regarding the grand opening tonight here and further information on the C/O Berlin website.

photo: David von Becker

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