GONEBERLIN – Berlin Techno Clubs as Jewellery

photos: Fabian Frost

Undoubtly one of the strongest qualities of Berlin is its pulsating nightlife with an endless amount of bars, clubs, DJs and musicians. Especially the local techno scene is one of the most progressive and impressive music scenes in the entire world.

The young jewellery label GONEBERLIN has dedicated their first collection to Berlin’s techno clubs creating solid silver necklaces and brass key rings that resemble abstract versions of some of the most famous techno clubs in Berlin. These unique, locally handcrafted pieces become the perfect memonto of all the amazing parties that you will otherwise only remember by a thumping headache on the next day. The label is not commenting on which clubs they have used as inspiration for the pendants, but if you know your favorite club you will surely recognize it. Among them are the Golden Gate, Chalet, Berghain and the Bunker which is home for the Boros art collection now, but used to be a famous techno club in the 80s and 90s.

The jewellery is available in a strongly limited edition on the GONEBERLIN website. Enjoy some photos of the collection after the jump.

New 2015 Limited Edition “RUBIN” in Sterling Silver with small Rubin and Smaragd stones:

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