Cinéma de Mode: Colour Control with Juce + WIN ASOS Gift

Today we finally have a brand new Cinéma de Mode for you after we served you such a big load at our first live CdM fashion film event in October. Of course for the come back we wanted something special, so it’s not just an ordinary film, but something rather special and unique. It’s a fun interactive film from online fashion boutique  ASOS who created a music video for upcoming British girl band Juce and her new song The Heat.

But this is not just a normal music video, here you can change the whole color theme of the video during playback. You see the girls perform their song in a colorful and playful set along with some cute boy models. But if you click the color bars in the bottom all the colors and clothes change immediatly so you ultimately have 5 different versions to change back and forth between. Enjoy the fun interactive music video by ASOS for Juce after the jump.

UPDATE: We have some great news for all the fans of ASOS: They gave us a pair of £100 vouchers for you to spend in their shop. Learn how to win after the jump.

Thanks to ASOS for the support!

We have 2 x £100 vouchers for the ASOS shop for you to win! To win you simply have to like this article with the Facebook like button below or share it on Facebook so more people get to see this cool interactive fashion music video with Juce. After that you have to leave a comment below, make sure to use a valid eMail address in the form (not in the message field). You have time for all of this until November 18, 2014 at 20h. After that we will randomly pick the 2 winners and will notify them. Good luck and enjoy the Colour Control video.

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