Interfilm’s 30th International Short Film Festival

Short films are an earnest and undervalued approach to storytelling, evoking emotions and provoking ideas. Having curated a part of our third Berlin Film Night with Mobile Kino, we know that Interfilm does it best when it comes to providing a platform for independent films, and this year, we’re welcoming the 30th round of Interfilm’s International Short Film Festival, from November 11th-16th. Berlin’s enthusiasm for interdisciplinary art forms make it the perfect city to host this festival, so let’s embrace the beauty of the short!

We’re stoked to experience Interfilm’s most expansive festival to date, where they will be screening a record of 630 films in 60 programs, with films from 70 countries and 10 competitions with €45,000 of rewards. The featured short films boast an impressively expansive array of aesthetic styles and narrative techniques, with weird and wonderfully controversial themes. Some films defy reason and rationality while others set out to shine a light on truths we’ve been sheltered from. Highly anticipated by cinephiles and casual movie-watchers alike, live-action, animations and documentaries will be gracing the screens in 9 cinemas across Berlin, to enthusiastic audiences who share a value for the short film format in its own right. Find the programs and our festival highlights after the jump.

In true interdisciplinary fashion, Interfilm is organizing 3 concerts, featuring Therese Aune (Norway), The Bribe and the Mockery (Berlin) and Usaginingen (Japan), respectively. Heightening emotions in atmospheric intimacy, these musicians will take you on an audiovisual trip through lush, cinematic soundscapes. Don’t miss Sound and Vision, a breathtaking audiovisual experience where you will find over 20 musicians doing live performances of their film scores, to the backdrop of contemporary short films on the enormous screen of the Volksbühne Theatre. They’re also hosting Eject, an event featuring the weirdest of the weird, with a competition where the film deemed the strangest will receive an award of €1,000, so ditch your sense of rationality and venture into the depths of absurdity. (And then dance till dawn at the afterparty at Roter Salon.)

Time to explore new worlds.

Competition Highlights:

International Competition

Animated 2: Mind Trips

Get lost in your own mind with this animated affair

By Chance

Breaking the daily monotonous cycle


Man on the Move

How does profession, “everyday life” and gender define us, and how do we define them?

German Competition

Behind Closed Doors

Find insights and revelations behind closed doors

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