A Guide to Berlin’s Best Alpine Restaurants

If you ever went skiing in the Alps, for instance in Kitzbühel, you know that there is nothing better after a full day of skiing than a warm lunch on the top of a white mountain inside a cosy hut. You don’t need a master in geography to notice that the Alps are not really nearby. Luckily to appreciate some mountain flavors you don’t have to leave Berlin since this city has some really nice restaurants serving savory Alpine cuisine.

Filling our bellies with Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarn and Käsespätzle we had some nice evenings around town. Check out the resulting list of our Top 5 Alpine restaurants in Berlin after the jump.

1. Schneeweiß

This restaurant is on top of the list for a  good reason. They are bringing the whole Alpine style to a great design level. The food is always from superior quality and you even have a vegetarian option in the menu (Alpine cuisine adapted to Berlin food habbits 😉 But what makes this places sublime is the very handsome and kind staff working there.

Open Mon-Fri 18-01h, Sat- Sun 10-01h
Simplonstraße 16
10245 Berlin

2. Mutzenbacher

This kitchy place in Friedrichshain is on our top list because of the charming and funny interior as well as the charming girls and boys working there. They have a little street food booth at several food markets and events and also have a kiosk under the bridge of Eberswalder Straße.

Open Mon-Fri 12-01h, Sat- Suh 12-01h
Libauer Straße 11
10245 Berlin


3. Jolesch

For the Alp lovers in Kreuzberg this place is a must. The interior is more sophisticated than Alpine but the original Austrian food will compensate. Apparently this place has also one of the best Wiener Schnitzels in town.

Open daily from 11:30-00h
Muskauer Str. 1

4. Alpenstück

During the day this place is a charming Austrian bakery while on the evening it turns into a really cosy dinner parlor. The recipes are less fancy and more down to Earth, but that is what makes this place so genuine.

Open daily 18 – 01h
Gartenstraße 9
10115 Berlin-Mitte


5. Café am Neuen See

This place is worth the trip into the wild wild West. Inside Tiergarten it is a great place to hang out also in the afternoon for cakes. In the evening it turns into a restaurant with bavarian and italian cuisine. So if you want to enjoy the cozy heat of the fireplace watching the silent Tiergarten-Forest and get closer to nature in the city you should definitely check it out.

Open daily 09-01h
Lichtensteinallee 2
10787 Berlin-Tiergarten


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