Moritz & Ivahn – A Gay Summer Story in Berlin

What could be a better distraction from the cold weather and gloomy light than a multimedia storytelling book about a special summer love. The Berliner by choice Christian Ludwig created a unique book storytelling project with a bunch of friends and artists. His novel Moritz & Ivahn is a love story set on wobbly legs. Two guys and a mysterious girl have an encounter that will have emotional consequences for all of them. We do not want to spoil more of this love triangle story. But you can be assured that its intimacy and strong narration will make you wish this books never ends.

What makes this creative project so special is the attempt to bring many art forms together. Two songs where created by the musician Earthkeptwarm to give the whole story a soundtrack. Photos by Chris Phillips, a music video and illustrations by Jacobo Labella create a visual background for the story. I can identify very strongly with the idea of a project where multiple artists from several disciplines contribute to one amazing result. On November 28 2014 the book was released. Find out how to buy it after the jump.

Moritz & Ivahn

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