A Berlin Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is only one week away and FUCK you didn’t get any presents yet for your loved ones ūüôĀ We are here to help you and have collected some of the nicest gift ideas that we have come across in the last couple of months. The great thing in our list: A lot of things are less than 25 EUR so you will definitely be able to afford a good chunk of it. And we have something for everyone: traditional gifts like calendars (but unusual ones of course), typical friends gifts like picture frames, some jewelry, cookbook for the mother, sustainable coffee cups for the grandmother and so much more. Enjoy our suggestions after the jump!

Notes of Berlin 2017 – the calendar

Let’s start with a new year. 2016 is just around the corner and Notes of Berlin has just the right calendar for you to keep track of every day in a fun way. Get the fun calendar¬†here.

Vegan Queens Cook

Sophia Hoffmann didn’t only host several fantastic vegan dinners to help raise money for refugees – She also wrote a book that features all her delicious recipes. Veganism is a total trend right now and if you have vegan friends too this cookbook¬†titled Vegan Queens¬†is the perfect gift for them. Available here.

Berlin Books

Recently we published an essential Berlin book list with some of the best new Berlin books and some classics. These all make amazing Christmas gifts for Berlin lovers.

TasteTwelve Berlin – A Gourmet Guide for Insider

The gift of food just keeps on giving. What better gift to give than 12 restaurants that invite you to the main course? Curated by culinary insiders of Berlin, the TasteTwelve Gourmet Guide let’s you get a taste of the most delicious spots of the city including Einsunternull, Midtown Grill, Lava, Kantine Kohlmann and many more. The book serves as a deluxe voucher for one free main course in all of the 12 restaurants inside (when you order at least for two). You can get a fine dining foodie’s best friend here.

photo: Lava

Kaffeeform – A Sustainable Cup of Coffee

As we already reported, the Kaffeeform is the hottest, new and sustainable invention. Coffee cups, that are being made from old coffee grounds and are even dishwasher-safe? Sounds too good to be true? Better believe it! You can get the amazing cups here.

You in a Box

Artist Dorit Bialer is creating unique satirical Playmobil versions of common Berliner stereotypes and made quite the wave with it. What many don’t know: You can also have yourself or your friends and family custom made by her in Playmobil. You in a Box might very well be the most personal Christmas present.

Gone Berlin Jewelry

If your friends love the techno clubs of Berlin the most they will certainly love this jewelry by Gone Berlin that remodeled some of the most iconic clubs like Berghain, Chalet and Goldengate, and former club Bunker into necklaces and key chains.


The opinionated fashion people consider it a trend that is already over. We are calling it the renaissance of the beard and it’s far from being over any time soon. Not only did we coin the party beards, we also have been publishing the fancy Beadricted beards by Alicia Kassebohm for over a year now that have come out as a coffee table book that makes a perfect gift for the bearded and the beardicted.



Nicola Napoli Artworks

You can’t go wrong with art and you can’t go wrong with the art by local artist Nicola Napoli. His artwork has already been published in Vice magazine and on the Berghain flyer and his latest work K.O.tti is one of our favorites and comes as a limited hand-signed art print for no less than 3 bucks.

Fundamental Design¬† BILD austauschen mit Pflanzenk√ľbel

If you think local design always has to be expensive you are wrong. Fundamental Berlin is a local interior design label and they have some amazing objects that are totally affordable and an entire section of products for less than 25 EUR. How about a really cool picture frame or minimalistic Christmas ornaments made of foldable brass?

Can you think of more cool Berlin Christmas gifts? Feel free to use the comments below to add your suggestions or your own local products!

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