Twinpigs: A Damn Fine Cocktail Bar

Since their opening in April 2014, friends have been telling me to check out the charismatic new Neukölln watering hole, Twinpigs, and the hype has only been building. I’m quite fond of the type of neighborhood bar that doesn’t seem to disappoint (who isn’t?) and as I stepped into Twinpigs for the first time, I knew it was going to be the first of many. The brainchild of a Chilean architect and a Swedish filmmaker, Twinpigs literally happened overnight. After deciding to open their own bar, the two seized the opportunity to take over the serendipitously freed space of a former Boddinstraße speakeasy. After putting in a lot of hard work, love, creativity and dedication, Twinpigs was born. If you enjoy strong drinks, craft beer, and a great atmosphere, click on and see why Twinpigs should be your new favourite hangout.

The atmosphere in Twinpigs is undeniably cool, while the smoky, candlelit rooms are cozy and inviting. The bartenders are welcoming and eager to help you understand your drink options. The aesthetics are raw and carefully refined, with the majority of the interiors having been built by the owners themselves, and beautiful light bulbs in a variety of shapes and sizes glisten above you. Their drink menu is presented as a beautifully designed booklet with an extensive selection of drinks. The first page lists the classic cocktails, with their corresponding pages like a table of contents. The opposing page introduces to their creations, each a traditional cocktail with a twist. You can choose your favourite cocktail or liquor base, and flip through to see your analogous options. They also feature wine, cider and local craft beers on tap; (including a must-try Heidenpeters IPA, brewed in Kreuzberg,) all reasonably priced.

As I sipped on my impeccable Chipotle Fashioned (a godsend for a whiskey and spice enthusiast like me), the couches and tables slowly filled up. On a weekday night, the bar serves as the perfect meeting point for a few drinks and good conversation while on weekends, DJs take over the decks, and a crowd gathers around to dance. On top of all that, the owners also explore the potential of their space by hosting themed suppers, film screenings with Cinema Politica and other cool events.



Boddinstraße 57

12053 Berlin

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 19:00 – 03:00h

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