The 8 Best Menswear Collections of Berlin Fashion Week

Photos: Mercedes Benz Fashion

Berlin Fashion Week has come and already gone, which means I finally have some time to make sense of the menswear madness of this season. Men’s Fall/Winter fashion has never really been a draw at Berlin Fashion Week, but this January there were definitely a few shows who made it the perfect fashionistas catcher. From upcoming designers who raised the bar, to impeccable classic designs, and to the occasional ‘wtf?’, Berlin Fashion Week was again a great surprise. After a marathon through shows and some catching up online, I broke down the 8 Best Menswear collections that mattered most this season. Enjoy them after the jump!


The Serbian designer Ivan Mandzukic behind the independent fashion label Ivanman showed once again that committed designers are capable of creating classic menswear in the world of high fashion without looking so extreme that the average guy can’t pull it off. With its clean lines, beautiful color palette and modern design, this season’s collection is further proof that Ivanman stands for unique and compelling clothing that can appeal anyone – especially me!


Sopopular always puts the show in ‘fashion show’ and didn’t disappoint this season. Last Monday an impressive black & navy blue collection walked the runway exhibiting all manner of leather jackets, parkas, and suit pants. The perfect uptown/downtown combination, the impeccable tailoring, the vision and effortless execution of the menswear just blew everyone away.

Barre Noire

Fashion label Barre Noire presented another brilliant collection that’s exactly what you would expect from the label: soft colors, clean cuts, relaxed elegance and sophisticated details. The beauty of the collection lay in its simplicity, with monochromatic looks, handsome turtlenecks and wardrobe essentials for the colder months.

Kilian Kerner

Kilian Kerner continues to evolve his clothing in bold new ways and definitely upped his game for Fall/Winter 2015/16 showing off a strong well-executed  and colorful collection. Taking risks with formalwear is rarely seen on the runway, but Kilian Kerner’s brilliant design proved that it’s possible to create eye-catching tailoring while staying sharp and refined. Colorful coats, patterned blazers, and warm sweaters highlight the collection, accompanied by classic shirts and suit pants, resulting in what seems to be a perfect wear-anywhere line.


Swedish designer duo Odeur showed a versatile collection that mixed their high-end tailored goods with new takes on modern, urban-inspired sportswear. From bomber jackets, to backpacks, sweatpants and tops in neoprene, Odeur is a welcome change and proof that Scandinavia always does it right!


Sadak has made a name for himself as the bad boy of German menswear. With a à la London show and a fascinating streetwear collection, Sadak announces that orange is definitely the new black. Thumping M.I.A. beats in full force and playful verses made the show one of the week’s most exciting runways – badass enough to almost make us forget Fashion Week for a split second.


Vektor continues to produce perfectly modern minimalistic sportswear, with absolutely no compromises on style. From clean-cut tops to baseball jackets, Vektor looks more and more like the sweet spot between tailored and sporty. A little colorful, a little edgy, and all what we want to wear next winter!

Rike Feuerstein

Last but not least, a clear standout was Rike Feuerstein’s show. This week, the German designer unveiled a new Fall/Winter line filled with bold colors and interesting shapes. Was it my cup of tea? Debatable. Was it awesome anyway? Hell yeah. And come on – dogs on the runway, need we say more?

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