The Naked Horse and other Berlin Street Musicians

Some people come to Berlin to do an internship in a PR agency, others come to start their own fashion label, some come to study psychology, others come to just party all weekend, And than there are those who come to play guitare music in the street – naked, with a horse mask. Carl Tomich from Australia definately belongs to the later group and if you were lucky enough you might have caught one of his naked performances here in the city back in the summer or even recently when the weather was decent, as many eager Instagramers captured.

While it is true that the naked horse (or #TheNeighKidHorse as he calls himself more correctly) is making music in the streets he is not actually a musician, but a journalist and film maker and his performances are not really meant to be his choice of lifestyle but and experiment and form of promotion for a documentary called Busking for Berlin that he shot here to shed some light on the lives of some of the street musicians of Berlin and their stories. Enjoy the film and more info after the jump.

And this is a how the horse looks without the mask and with clothes on:

The film Busking For Berlin was released in Germany and Australia last year in the fall and was screened at the Berlin Down Under Film Festival in September. It’s also available as a digital download on

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