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Lately we have dedicated a lot of time and effort writing about restaurants and cafes in our various themed guides about different styles of kitchens or districts of Berlin. And why is that? Because we love food! With all the different creative worlds from fashion, art, music and theater, it’s the one thing that we and our readers can always come back to and agree on: Berlin has some amazing food to offer.

To bring our love for food one step further we have teamed up with the international restaurant reservation service Quandoo to create a blogger challenge that let’s us cherish the food we love the most. For the challenge we are looking for the best stories and most beautiful photos of your favorite ingredient. What’s in it for you? We have one sparkling new KitchenAid Artisan for the lucky winner, the most elegant and popular kitchen device and a must-have for every food lover. Find out more about this delicious competition after the jump.

We all have that one food that we can’t live without. Some people can’t survive without an Avocado per day, others are addicted to yoghurt, so many of you couldn’t start the day without a delicious espresso, and all monkeys of course love bananas. But why do you like exactly this food? What’s so special about it? We are calling our fellow bloggers of all genres to tell us your food story on your blog. We are looking for a pure food or ingredient, not a recipe or complicated dish. It’s back to basics with this challenge!

We have prepared a few examples for you here:

photo: jules

Antoine, 25, from France

Favorite food product: Mustard

Why is mustard my one must have food product? Because it’s amazing! First of all, I’m French, and we eat mustard with almost EVERYTHING! All dishes should come with a tiny bit of mustard, IMHO. If you eat beef at a restaurant, and they don’t bring mustard- that’s a cardinal sin. Every good restaurant in France, hell, every bad restaurant in France, has at least four different kinds of it, honey mustard, dijon, old style, maybe English too. So if I can only choose one food product then it’s mustard, obviously. I can eat it with bread and I’m set.

photo: Asher Isbrucker

Caterina, 28, from Italy

Favorite food product: Espresso

First of all, espresso makes me happy because I live abroad (I moved from Italy to Germany) and for me this dinky coffee is a way to survive being away from home! I miss Italy, and espresso is a way for me to connect. It reminds me of home. And of course, it gives me a serious kick when it’s needed, I actually think that this stuff is the only thing that makes me wake up in the morning, I can’t work without my espresso when I roll up to the office! It’s like as if my light won’t switch on until I had the first cup!

photo: Scott Pacaldo

Dan, 31, from New Zealand

Favorite food: Bread

Oh my god, bread. I like it every which way…  Well, I like toast quite a lot. I mean, you can use bread in so many different ways. You can toast it AND make sandwiches with it. Flawless. It’s quick and easy when you are hungry but can’t be arsed to cook, and the smell when it’s freshly baked – yes please…. It’s amazing for breakfast, you can put anything you like on two slices of bread. If it’s one food product I couldn’t be without, it would be bread, definitely! Largely because I just bloody love toast.

photo: Zyada

Yaman, 21, from Germany

Favorite food: Bananas

Oh, bananas. A fruit that you can carry with you easily, peel it and eat the thing whenever you’re hungry! I mean, they are really, really practical! Especially at work. Nuts or oranges are messy, but with bananas you’ve got a clean desk and nothing to worry about. AND you’re full and you’ve got a tonne more energy afterwards! If you are as pragmatic as I am, you see what I’m getting at! (And no, this isn’t boring…) Truth be told, with bananas it was love after several disappointing sights, but now I’m hooked, there’s no going back!

Julia, 23, from Scotland

Favorite food: Soya Yoghurt

I always have yoghurt for breakfast! I think it all started when I was working in an office here in Berlin, and I was really bad at actually having breakfast, I just couldn’t find anything that I liked to eat in the morning – but then I found this amazing soya yoghurt! It just gives me so much energy, and I have a bit of a think for soya products. In Scotland, where I’m from, we’re pretty short of soya, so this yoghurt was a real eye-opener for me! I can’t go a day without my precious yoghurt, especially before and after working out. So, yeah, yoghurt is my absolute favorite food product!

Concetta, 25, from Italy

Favorite food: Avocados

Avocado is my absolute favourite food. I just couldn’t be without it, because, well, it’s amazing! It’s juicy, it’s creamy, you can have it in salads or on sandwiches, and you can slap sweet things like honey on it – winner. And of course, it’s very, very good for you. I only fell in love with avocados when I went to Asia and lived there for about 1 year, I noticed everyone was eating them all the time, and since then I’m sold. Whenever I eat these greeny-lightbulbs of deliciousness, I think of my trip and the sun, and it makes me happy.

We hope now you have a better idea of what we are aiming for! Mind you these are all just examples, you can let your creativity run free with the photos and stories! You have until March 19, 2015 at midnight to publish your story on your blog with a mention of this challenge by Quandoo and iHeartBerlin. You don’t have to have a food blog, all genres of blogs are welcome to join! Once you published your story please send us an eMail at contest@quandoo.de with the link to your story before the deadline. If you use social media please also use the hashtag #iheartfood.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take part:

1) Take a photo of your favorite pure food or ingredient (no recipes or complete dishes)

2) Write a story about it on your blog with a mention of the challenge by Quandoo and iHeartBerlin

3) Publish the story before March 19, 2015 at midnight and send the link to contest@quandoo.de

4) We will post photos from all the submissions to the Quandoo Facebook page

5) The photo with the most likes before March 27, 2015 at noon will win the KitchenAid Artisan.

Read the terms and conditions of the challenge for more details.

Good luck and “Guten Appetit!” We are looking forward to your stories 🙂

Thanks to Quandoo the support for this challenge!

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