Young Persian Artist Exhibition at Stattbad Wedding

Artworks Zahra Shafie

Art openings are usually not the kind of events I feel very excited about. While at the theater I have a certain expertise, with contemporary art I have quite a lot of curiosity but feel that I lack in knowledge to appreciate most of the artworks. Since any good rule needs an exception, I have to say that I am really thrilled  about tonight’s opening of the Young Persian Artist at Stattbad and I hope I can get you a little bit interested as well. The curator Mahsa Mergenthaler-Shamsaei choose four exceptional talents. From March 5-15, 2015, Young Persian Artists will host its first pop-up show featuring the rising stars from Tehran, under the title Hope Dreams Desire.

The group show features the artists Adel Younesi, Romisa Sakaki, Zahra Shafie and Ali Esmaeillou. These four represent a new generation of artists that have emerged in Iran with a loud, strong voice and urgency in their work which is hard to ignore. Even if they have not seen the war or revolution they still have inherited the society marked by these epochal events. The show features also new works around the theme of hope-dreams-desire, universal feelings, experienced and expressed by the artists in different and unique ways. If you are still not convinced that this is the place to be, you should check out the little preview selection after the jump.

Artworks by Adel Younesi:

Artworks by Romisa Sakaki:

Artworks by Zahra Shafie:

Artworks by Ali Esmaeillou:

Hope Dreams Desire

with Adel Younesi, Romisa Sakaki, Zahra Shafie and Ali Esmaeillou

Vernissage & Opening Ceremony
Thursday March 5th 2015, 19:00 – 22:00h

The exhibition will be open daily March 5-15, 2015 from 13:00 – 19:00h or by appointment. Group tours will be held on the weekends of March 7 & 8 and March 14 & 15 at 17:00h and private tours may be organised on request.


Gerichtstr. 65

13347 Berlin

If you can’t make it to the exhibition I recommend you to visit the Website of YPA which is really well done and features a lot of interesting information about the artists.

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