Berlin Goods: The Wireless World of Raumfeld

After we featured local products such as molecular popsicles, geometric handbags, home-delivery cocktails, and many more in our series Berlin Goods we have a new one for you which was “born in Kreuzberg, raised in Schöneberg and is now grown-up in Charlottenburg”. It’s probably the most cutting-edge one in our series and we are excited to talk about it here.

RAUMFELD began life as a Berlin startup back in 2008. Led by the motivation to improve the quality of digital sound the founders, Stephan Schulz and Michael Hirsch, developed a high-end wireless speaker system with multi-room streaming. Wow, that goes clearly far beyond the average hand-made design object that you normally come across here in Berlin. Since last year’s opening of the Bikini concept mall Raumfeld presents their pride and glory in their first showroom and boutique inside the new contemporary shopping paradise. We visited them in their store and talked about their impressive systems and speakers and what role the Berliners play in their work.

What makes your speaker systems special?

Raumfeld speakers offer true high fidelity. That means they play back the sound exactly as it was recorded by the artist and sound engineer. We use high-end audio components like coax drivers, fabric dome tweeters, wave guides and bass reflex enclosures to generate this true-to-source sound. In addition, Raumfeld supports lossless audio files for the highest level of sound quality. Our speakers are also designed to be beautiful: We offer real wooden enclosures and all of our models feature either matte black or silk white lacquer. And then there’s the ease of use: A free app allows the user to easily control playback on any speaker in any room.

What is you hottest product at the moment?

That’s like asking parents which is their favorite child. Each Raumfeld speaker has its own unique qualities: Our product portfolio includes a small but powerful humidity-proof speaker that’s perfect for bathrooms as well as 400 Watt floor-standing stereo speakers; but the Stereo Cubes seem to be a real favorite with technical journalists. They’ve won quite a few awards.

Does Berlin inspire you in your work and if yes, how?

Berliners are famous for saying what they feel, so Berlin is a really authentic place. Our approach to creating our products is influenced by this desire to be direct and honest. That’s why when we say that Raumfeld offers true wireless high fidelity we’re not using “high fidelity” in some loose sense – our speakers really deliver transparent playback. And remember: Raumfeld was born in Kreuzberg, raised in Schöneberg and is now growing up in Charlottenburg. Quite an input for our team.

What is your ultimate advice in buying a speaker system?

As with any larger purchase, it’s always a good idea to read up on the product. Find out what makes a good speaker and then see if the descriptions and specs cover these points. Also user reviews – read as many of those as possible.

Thank you for the interview!

* * *

The guys from Raumfeld were so kind to let us try out their speaker Stereo M: RAUMFELD. Next week we’ll share with you our experience with it and how to win one of those precious babies! Stay tuned!

Raumfeld Store at Bikini Berlin

Budapester Str. 44

10787 Berlin

powered by Raumfeld

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