Bandol Sur Mer – A Dinner to Remember

I’ve always loved good food, but only since I’ve recently had dinner at Bandol Sur Mer I know what an experience food can be and what it feels like when your taste buds go cold turkey. Read all about the best dinner of my life at, what is said to be Brad Pitt’s favorite Berlin restaurant after the jump…

I love food. Since I’ve overcome my vegetarian phase (12 years) and my despise for peppers (28 years) I at least try everything edible and do so with great pleasure. Exciting my taste buds with new flavors is one of my hobbies and thus I am always on the lookout for promising restaurants.

Luckily I have friends who share my passion, because dining alone is no fun and so I found myself at Bandol Sur Mer with my friend Stefanie last February. Bandol is a small place on Torstraße in Mitte, which I had walked past many times thinking it looked very inviting. Seated on one of the seven tables we could watch the chefs prepare the fine cuisine behind the counter that is bar and kitchen in one. We felt at home immediately in this unpretentious environment with the menu written on the charcoal wall with big sloppy letters. After our aperitif we decided we wanted to try everything and just ordered both 5 course menus with the wine accompaniment and share.

What followed is simply inexplicable with words. It was a taste explosion. We had fermented quince, smoked yoghurt, cherry espuma, poached paté, fresh brioche, parsley ice cream and so much more. I tried things I never thought I would (think liver and other intestines) and loved every bite of it. The wine that came with each course was so well chosen it really was part of the food. It all came together and was a perfectly orchestrated journey through the classical and experimental French cuisine.

Of course a night like this ends with a cheque one rather just pays without looking. However I defend the 270 € the evening cost us in total. Because yes we could have taken a day trip somewhere or bought some shoes with the money, but this night each of us and all our million taste buds will remember for a long, long while and it will be hard to beat or even compete!

All food pictures were taken by Thank you for letting us use those!

Bandol interior images by Bandol Sur Mer.

Bandol Sur Mer

Torstraße 167

10115 Berlin-Mitte

Open daily 18-22:30h, Tel: +49 30 67302051

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