Couture Eggs – Fashionable Easter Eggs by Berlin Designers

In Germany we have two essential traditions for the Easter holiday: The first one is hiding chocolate Easter bunnies and nests or eggs filled with candy that the kids (or the grown-up kids who don’t want to let go of their childhood memories) have to search. And the second one is that we artfully paint real chicken eggs to make them into Eater egg ornaments that we have on some branches in a vase. Sometimes the eggs are simply colorful, some have more elaborate paintings or even carvings on them.

A few years ago we asked a couple of Berlin-based designers to create avant-garde fashion Easter eggs for us. It was great fun back then and we thought we should show you these eggs again for all of those who didn’t follow us back then. We hope these Couture Eggs, as we called them, will inspire you for your own Easter eggs. Happy Easter!

by Von Bardonitz

by Reality Studio

by Paula Immich

by Parsival Cserer


by Esther Perbandt

by C.Neeon

by Burkhardt / Möllmann

by Anna Wegelin

by Phoebe Heess

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