Ramificazioni – An Art Project Portraying the Italian Expats of Berlin

All photos: Maria Silvano

The new arriving people see Berlin as a promise, as a forest of stories sometimes open and sometimes inpenetrable. The migration dynamics of a Europe without borders are not fundamentally very different from those of the previous century: there are the same dreams of luck and prosperity, the same desire for a better life and a longing for what has been left behind that -it is known- is exacerbated with time.

“Ramificazioni” (Ramifications) is Maria Silvano’s point of view on her new city, Berlin. She took portraits and gathered the voices of fellow Italian migrants who moved to the German capital during the last years. They spoke about their deep and faraway roots, their desires and wishes to see their hopes bloom. Looking into the eyes of this hopeful young men and women involved in amazing projects you hope that they will find a fertile ground in Berlin.

The work consists of 13 photos and is accompanied by a soundtrack in which the voices of the photographed subjects overlap each other: problems of pronunciation and inflections language can be composed to create a forest of voices. Enjoy the pictures after the jump and find out the dates of the exhibition.

Cosimo Miorelli – Visual artist / illustrator / live performer

Elena Fontanari – PhD candidate in Sociology (migration studies) and NGOs activist

Elena Veronese – Designer and cofounder of le Articioche supper club

Enrico Losavio – 3D Animator

Giulia Borri – PhD Student

Luca Caratozzolo – Designer and Photographer

Niccolò Montanari – Co-Founder of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival

Lisa Filippini – Stylist and Designer

Marina Caramagno – Graphic designer at zLabels

Pietro Simcic – Artisan and Designer

Giulia Sosso – PhD student

Fabrizio Nocci – Music Composer

Carola Pallavicini – visual editor

RAMIFICAZIONI – a photography project by Maria Silvano

Vernissage: Friday, 17 April, 2015, 18:30h

18 April – 15 May 2015

Sprach Saloon Neukölln

Weichselstraße 38

12045 Berlin-Kreuzberg

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