A Thought on Normality

Normal. What is that? A word, whose meaning is different to everyone. It includes and excludes. Everything that is different, not normal, should change. To become normal. Therefore, we strive to be different. Better, more beautiful, richer. Individual. Different, not like the others. In a word, normal.

Because if we are all equal, nobody is special anymore. But if everybody is special, then everybody is equal. We want to be special, but we want to be treated normally. We want to love and be loved. We want to live. We want health, comfort, happiness. And at least a smile each day.

And everyone else?

They want it, too. But what we want is right. What they want is void. What we want is normal what they want does not matter. Although… we are normal, the others are outsiders. Grid, model, plan. That is what we created. Those who don’t fit must change. That is why we create boundaries, because who wants another human among us humans?

Normal. What is that. A word, that laughs at the question: Is it the human or is it the norm that is faulty. Through individual use, normal becomes the definition for everything.

However, normality is created through differences.

* * *

Text & Video by Dany Ayvasky, Marko Berndt, Janine Oehme and Sven Schenk. More about the project here.

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